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Meet Paul Fig.

Business Advisor + Coach

Ever wonder why most experienced real estate agents struggle, lacking consistent income and feeling overworked and overwhelmed. I’ve given the subject a lot of thought. I’m positive it’s not because they lack transactional skills.

Based on my experience, selling real estate for over 30 years as well as helping many agents transform their businesses, what is needed is deeper than the transactional side of real estate.

It begins with philosophy. In my advising and coaching practice, agents often excitedly tell stories about going above and beyond to help their clients. Why not embrace this philosophy of being in service, helping clients. It requires an “about you, not me” mindset, being confident but keeping your ego in check. Too often agents see reality show characters and try to emulate behavior that is scripted for TV when what they really need to do is focus on how they can help people.

I am not talking about philanthropy. This is your career and you deserve to be rewarded financially when you help others. However, it’s more about understanding why you do what you do and the significance of your work. This will create the perspective and energy to attract clients who want your help and when you focus on those people and their needs the days of convincing, persuading, applying neurolinguistics, or any other manipulative sales technique are over.

The only catch is, this has to be authentic. You have to truly want to put others first and have faith that you will be rewarded as a by-product.

The next step is to put the structure and systems in place which enable you to be productive and efficient so you can truly help more people. This requires better management skills; self-management and business-management. Self-management is simply doing what you need to do on a consistent basis. Business-management is evolving your sales practice by becoming a leader and organizing and expanding your operation.

For most this requires change, so I created the FIG (Fundamental Improvement + Growth) Method to help, and agents find that it is straightforward and with guidance, not overly complicated to implement.

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The FIG Method.

The Foundational Improvement + Growth (FIG) Method is delivered in two phases.  The first phase addressing self-management consists of four modules; The first three Discover, Develop, and Deploy create the strategy and structure needed to establish the foundation for the fourth module which is Financial Stability + Wealth Building.  The second phase focuses on business-management and is a process to help agents transition from having a successful sales practice to running a business.

All work is supported by the Paulfigla Strategic Planner™, a Google Suite of tools, and a curated library of selected books and podcasts. The processes, tools, and support are a combination aimed at transforming the individual agent who is struggling to a state of clarity, consistency, and confidence in running a successful business.

All Clients begin with the 60-Day Accelerator Program consisting of the first three modules. Most agents then choose one or more  of the business advisory and coaching options to continue their mastery of self-management, embracing the PFLA 3-hour day and becoming  a FIG Fit Agent - improving and growing every day - financially, physically, and emotionally.  As agents progress, they will be invited to participate in the Leadership Track.

FIG method design

Our Process.

1. Discover
2. Develop
3. Deploy
4. Financial Stability + Wealth Building

PFLA 3 Hour Day.

Can you imagine concentrating 3 hours each  day so you can have the business you need to have the life you want. 3 hours. Bookending your day, being deliberate about how you start and finish your day. A morning routine focused on physical and emotional well being and an awareness of what is most important professionally and personally. Continuing with activities that will promote future business while streamlining current. Ending the day with a review to gain insight and wisdom followed by a quick planning exercise to prepare for the next day. The result is increased focus, consistency, productivity, profitability, confidence, enjoyment and accountability while reducing overwhelm, stress, and missed opportunities.

FPLA 4 hour day
Dana Cataldi, Founder
Gather Homes - Side, Inc.

FIG Fit Agent.

The FIG Method and the adoption of the PFLA 3-Hour Day helps create financial, physical, and emotional fitness. The morning routine creates  the habit of daily exercise, personal development, and time spent in gratitude for the life you have. There is no doubt that real estate involves a lot of pressure. While most Agents are succumbing to this pressure responding with stress, overwhelm, and a feeling of being overworked...The FIG Fit Agent is focused, composed, energized, and confident. The Financial Clarity and personal wealth vision creates financial fitness. This combination creates the FIG Fit Agent: improving and growing every day; financially, physically, and emotionally.

FIG fit agent
Bobby Rodriquez
Agent, Compass

What agents are saying.

An amazing group of agents are discovering methods that are positively transforming how they manage their personal and professional life.


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Accelerator Program

This 60-day program guides clients through 6-steps to help develop better self-management skills.  The program builds quick momentum.  Agent and Coach will analyze the client’s business, develop a vision and mission statement, design a business strategy, develop monthly, weekly, and daily structures & routines leading to a PFLA 3-Hour Day on the improvement path toward short and long term goals.  Limited number of Agents accepted to this program each month.

For custom and ongoing support.

Custom support

Private Business Advisory + Coaching

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All agents continuing with Paulfigla after the 60 Day Accelerator Program receive private sessions focusing on their continued growth of processes just implemented.  Agents will experience increased productivity and growth in their business.  Agents will also receive feedback and support in dealing with challenging situations.  These sessions will be designed on either a monthly or weekly basis.   Agents must first complete the 60-Day Accelerator Program.

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Ongoing Support


In addition to Private Business Advisory + Coaching, this small working group provides a Community of  like minded individuals looking to continue to  create growth and positive change. Participants meet weekly to review progress and plans along with an exchange of experiences and ideas with other colleagues.  Agents must first complete the 60-Day Accelerator Program.


Leadership Track

This next step helps agents transition from a successful salesperson to a business leader.  Buyer and seller standards and practices will be customized with the agent and deployed for transactional use.  A personalized organization plan will be conceptualized including the options of broker support personnel, subcontractors, collaborators, and employees with a phased plan based on performance and growth.  This process is hands-on and  progress and effectiveness will be monitored.  Be ready to become a leader and gain control of your business.

5 promises



If you are serious about creating positive change and make a sincere effort, you will be amazed at the progress you can make using the FIG Method and programs.



By aligning with what is most important and focusing on the tasks, habits, and projects that move you in that direction, you will experience a new found peace.



Your morning routine will improve your physical and emotional fitness and create a ripple effect to meet the challenges of business and daily life.



Fear of financial insecurity will leave you. You will develop an abundance mindset by first gaining financial clarity and then creating your money flow system.



You will learn to deal with the issue at hand and stay in the present by reducing the tendency to judge yourself about the past or worry about the future.