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Business Advisor + Coach

Paul Figueiredo originally created his Business Advisory and Coaching practice to help fellow real estate agents design the business they needed, to live the life they wanted. Through his work, Paul discovered that a common issue was a lack of Financial Stability. It was easy for Paul to relate due to his own experiences over his 25 plus years of working as a Real Estate Agent. Paul understood that it is difficult to pursue goals, build wealth, and focus on what is most important when you are under financial pressure feeling overwhelmed, worried, and stressed. While Paul had a system designed to help real estate agents improve their business strategy and productivity, it became apparent that without Financial Stability clients were too focused on survival to think about efforts that would lead to a better future. That’s when he developed the Fundamental Improvement + Growth Method. His method begins by first creating Financial Stability, addressing both the emotional and structural components, and then moving on to building a better future. While using this approach with his real estate clients, Paul discovered that his Fundamental Improvement + Growth Method could be applied to help others who are self employed whether independent contractors, sole-proprietors, or small business owners in a variety of sales, service, and entertainment industries and so he opened his practice to all of these professionals who were missing that critical piece and looking to get on a better path.

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The Paulfigla Experience

FIG Method

The Fundamental Improvement + Growth (FIG) Method is the foundation of Paulfigla. The Method consists of four modules; Financial Stability, Discovery, Strategy, and Program Development. All Paulfigla clients are guided by the FIG Method to initiate their business advisory and coaching experience.

The FIG Method is initiated with two programs. The first program is the Financial Stability Module. Following completion of this module all clients progress to the Accelerator Program comprised of the remaining three modules: Discovery, Strategy, and Program Development. To support the FIG Method, Paul developed the Paulfigla Strategic Planner™, a Google Suite of tools, and a curated library of selected books and podcasts.

Completion of the FIG Method prepares clients to continue their work independently or join a Club: a small group of same industry professionals working toward continued improvement and growth. The processes, tools, and support are a combination aimed at delivering professional and personal results.

1. Financial Stability
2. Discovery
3. Strategy
4. Program Development
The result is not only business increase but an improved Mindset of Clarity, Consistency, and Confidence...the secret of success.
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What clients are saying...

An amazing group is discovering methods that are positively transforming how they manage their personal and professional life.

Thank you for helping me achieve financial clarity and create solid business strategies and plans. I would not be as financially secure nor motivated, confidant, and as successful of an agent as I am today without Paul Figueiredo’s guidance, patience, and belief. I recently reached one of my long-term goals by purchasing a “forever” home which also produces income. I can truly say today I have peace of mind and that’s what quality of life is all about.

Diane Dorin, Estate Director
Los Angeles

Paul Figueiredo is a fantastic coach. I've been working with Paul since I joined Compass 2 years ago. We had worked together as agents in Venice previously and when I heard he was coaching I was curious. Over the course of my career, I’ve coached with most of the top guns in southern California. And though I’ve learned a great deal from each one of them, I didn’t appreciate their cookie-cutter approach to building and maintaining a successful real estate career. The big difference with Paul is that his approach is more hands-on. He analyzed my business, from a personal as well as professional standpoint, and then tailored a structured plan that took into account my strengths and weaknesses. He’s been a great advisor to strategize with on difficult transactions, and complex personalities. He’s also pushed me to expand my personal and financial goals, along with my business ones. The experience has been much better than I could have imagined.

Jerry Jaffe, Real Estate Consultant

When I started working with Paul my life was pretty out of control both personally and professionally. I was in a constant state of overwhelm! With Paul’s help and support I cleaned up my act and set some specific goals. As a result I am now managing my time more effectively, feel in control of my work and home environment and gained a trusted advisor and mentor. Coaching with Paul has definitely been the most worthwhile investment, and I know I couldn’t have successfully navigated being a new agent without him.

Paul, Thank you for being my not so secret, secret weapon and always inspiring me to live a life in harmony with my values and passions.

Caroline Dernick, Sole Proprietor

Thanks Paul for adding clarity to an unclear path of Real Estate. Your coaching is collaborative and productive. No sideline cheerleading or browbeating here. Keeping things simple and clear helps me build my business.

Barrie Petersen, Agent
Long Beach

Paul has had such an amazing impact not only my business but all aspects of my life. He's helped me gain clarity on finances (which was a game changer for me) and continue to build a solid business. What I love is that he has a great understanding of what we're all going through, including how to balance real estate and life as a working parent. I am so grateful to have connected with him. I only wish I had met him sooner! Thank you so much, Paul.

Marina Tourney, Real Estate Consultant
Santa Monica

Paul, I cannot thank you enough for your valuable insight and guidance in helping me rethink how I approach my business. With your help I have changed the way I approach each day beginning with my Miracle Morning and continuing with how I connect with potential clients. You have helped get me back on track!

Anthony Diaz-Perez, Independent Contractor
Beverly Hills


Starting Point

Financial Stability

$450 / mo for 3 months
This initial Module begins with getting clear with personal and business finances, establishing the finances attached to goals, and designing a money flow system to ensure that you pay yourself first with the intention of creating stability, focusing intention to your goals, and building wealth for your future.
46% OFF
+ 2 private development sessions via video conference
+ Google Suite
+ Added support between sessions
+ Curated series of books and podcasts
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Next steps...The FIG Method

Accelerator Program

Following completion of the Financial Stability Module, this program guides clients through the remaining three Modules of the FIG Method. Agent and Coach will analyze the client’s business, develop a mission statement including short and long term goals, design a business strategy, develop monthly, weekly, and daily structures and routines on the improvement path toward their short and long term goals.
+ 3 private development sessions implementing 3 modules via video conference
+ Added support to sessions
+ Paulfigla Strategic Planner
+ Google Suite
+ Curated series of books and podcasts
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Ongoing Support

The Club

$100 / mo
These small working groups are organized to client maintenance following the completion of the Accelerator program.  Each month participants review the current month and plan the following month along with an exchange of experiences and ideas with other individuals in a similar industry looking to create growth and positive change in the profession and personal lives.
+ 1 Monthly Group Session via video conferencing: Review & Planning
+ Google Suite
+ Paulfigla Strategic Planner
+ Curated series of books and podcasts
+ Occasional guest speakers
+ Group digital communication
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Ongoing Support

Private coaching & Advisory

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For those individuals desiring one-on-one continued support via video conferencing.
16% OFF
+ 3 private development sessions per month
+ Unlimited email and phone support
+ All access to working private and group sessions
+ Paulfigla Strategic Planner
+ Google Suite to track business flow + finances
+ Curated series of books and podcasts
+ Access to private Facebook group
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Frequently asked Questions

Got questions?

What is different about Paulfigla coaching?

The coaching style is very hands on. The foundation of the process focuses on creating structure to help agents design the business you need to live the life you want. The intention is to create a combination of goal-driven pursuits matched with personal freedom, freedom of time, and financial freedom. The process is flexible to meet the needs of the individual. As a working, producing agent with 25+ years experience, Paul has first hand knowledge of the challenges of what it takes professionally and personally to thrive in the self-employed world. Paul’s approach is to challenge clients from a perspective of understanding and encouragement.

How do I start?

Start with a free consultation or webinar. Or if ready to jump in all clients begin with the Financial Stability Module.

What is a private personal development session?

These coaching sessions are conducted privately one-on-one via video conferencing. While there is always a focus on your process, this is the time to look at what is holding you back whether it is professional or personal.

How does ongoing support work?

Whether you are in the Accelerator Program or enrolled as a Private Client or a Club Member, Paul will always help clients between scheduled sessions to discuss specific clients or any immediate challenge. You can text, call, or email. Phone calls are usually less than 10 minutes long. Paul wants to make sure that all clients are supported in pressure situations to avoid missing potential opportunities.

Still have questions? Please feel free to email me.